It is every leftist's dream to become ideologically pure. Doing so is a very long process.

Levels of Ideologically PurityEdit

  1. Your basic Liberal democrat
  2. Social Democrat
  3. Democratic Socialist
  4. Actual Marxist/Anarchist
  5. Radicalizing
  6. Depression
  7. Detachment from society
  8. No contact with the physical world
  9. Dialectically still in the physical world
  10. Everything starts returning to nothing
  11. It all starts letting me down
  12. Letting me down
  13. Letting me down
  14. The thesis and antithesis meet
  15. Every atom in the universe becomes consumed inside your body
  16. You cause the Second Big Bang

Becoming ideologically pureEdit

  1. Brainwash yourself
  2. Put some drone or black metal on
  3. Only eat tofu and dog pee
  4. Meditate anytime you are not sleeping
  5. Repete